Bernard Meyers on Dry Nation on Bainbridge Park

Here is a picture sent to us by one of our readers trying to find information on a rider, his horse and a racetrack.  If anyone out there knows about the rider, his horse or the track please respond with a comment.  It would be greatly appreciated.  Here is the email we recieved with the picture.
“We have a picture, dated 1932, which is also labeled Bainbridge Park, owner (of
pictured horse “Dry Nation) “Bronnenberg.”  My husband’s step brother Bernard
Meyers is up.  We cannot find a Bainbridge Park anywhere in IL, OH, or IN and
have no clue as to which state it might have been in.  If that place still
exists as a horse track it could now be under another name.  Has anyone in your
organization ever heard of the park or the horse?”